a black economic agenda


Black workers are in crisis and cannot afford to continue to be marginalized. We deserve equal opportunities for economic prosperity and full access to our democracy.

Black Voices Black Votes will demonstrate that Black communities can hold politicians accountable when we invest in organizing and leadership development at the local level.

This campaign is brought to you by the National Black Worker Center


For too long, Black workers have been denied equal access to a better life. We have been ignored, scapegoated, and exploited by politicians and wealthy special interests. The power system has failed to act in the best interest of our communities for decades.

Our Mission & Vision

The Black Voices Black Votes campaign aims to mobilize black voters, and empower them to hold elected officials accountable to the needs of our communities. Through effective organizing, election participation, and local leadership, we will build a powerbase that can push for policy solutions to the economic, social, and workforce issues facing our communities.


Go over to our resources section to Find your Polling Place, View Election Dates and Deadlines, View Voting Requirements by State, Report a Problem at Your Polling Place and more!

59.6 %
Black voter turn out nationwide in 2016 (Pew Research Center)
6.5 %
Percentage of voting eligible U.S. citizens who are Black (Philly Tribune)
11.4 %
Reduction in Black votes between the 2012 and 2016 presidential election cycles (Philly Tribune)
28.9 %
Percentage of the Raleigh population that is Black (US Census)